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Synthesis Talks

Platform Presentations

Since 2015 “Synthesis Talks” have been initiated with great popularity at the Network Meeting. A synthesis talk aims to synthesise a relevant topic or research field and should not merely be seen as an opportunity for a longer talk (30 minutes allocated). Synthesis talks can be equated to the equivalent of review papers as opposed to standard research papers. Although acceptable to extensively share findings from the researchers’ own work, synthesis talks should consider the wider literature and should reflect broad perspectives and inputs. We will also consider talks synthesizing long-term research projects which have recently come to completion, provided that it is integrated in a broader context.


If you are interested in submitting an abstract to be considered for a synthesis talk, please provide an extended abstract (up to 700 words), which can include 1 figure.


We receive more synthesis abstracts than we can accept. If your abstract is not accepted as a synthesis talk, you will be advised accordingly and requested to reformat it to be considered for a platform presentation (250 word abstract; 15 minutes time slot).


We are open for discussions on ideas for possible synthesis talks, so feel free to contact Izak Smit (  or Judith Botha ( in this regard.

These presentations are either 15 minute talks or 5 minute speed talks which includes time for questions.

Abstract requirements are as follows:

Font type and size: arial 10

Heading: bold

Surname, name or initials (underline presenter’s name)

Author / organisation details

E-mail addresses of authors

Length: maximum 250 words with justified alignment


Participants’ abstracts are requested to clearly show the link to key research and management issues and themes within the savanna protected area management environment. We reserve the right to assign oral and poster presentation slots to participants based on the perceived applicability of findings outlined in the abstracts to SANParks’ needs.









Abstract requirements are the same as for the platform Presentations

Posters will be accepted in the standard A0 size (84.1 cm wide x 118.9 cm tall) in portrait orientation. All project proposals should be submitted as posters.









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Download an example abstract here